Taken Series

EndlessAstheRain.v3Endless as the Rain

Taken Series book 1

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For Adriane Graham, the real question comes down to this: “Am I Alec Kaden’s guest…Or his prisoner?”

Adriane is kidnapped by the son of a mobster. Alec is certainly dangerous, but is he a threat to her or is he truly trying to protect her from attempts on her life? She must uncover the truth of his past, how it entwines with her own, if she wants to survive.

Award-Winning NovelRPLA

RPLA logoRPLA logoRoyal Palm Literary Awards: Winner third place in the 2011 Royal Palm RPLA logorpla_pic_gsj6Literary Awards, a statewide competition through the Florida Writers Association. FWA website

What readers have said…

I. Love. This.”  ~SunflowerFran, Fanfiction reviewer

“I found myself, by the second page, so engrossed in the story, anything could have been going on around me. Seriously did not, could not, stop reading. … If I could give more than 5 stars, this book would warrant it. Maybe 7 or 8.”  ~Christine Lee, NerdGirlOfficial.com

Kaye can write the wallpaper off the walls.”  ~Nancy Payne, Amazon reviewer

“An astounding literary work. An absolute must read. Books of this magnitude are rare.”  ~freeoldguy, Amazon reviewer

“Adriane is an impressive heroine. She legitimately tries to intellectualize her way out of the conundrum that seems to make up Alec’s compound and remains in control of her heart. This is no simpering flower.”  ~Amazon reviewer

“Entertaining from start to finish!”  ~Suz DeMello, Amazon Reviewer

EchoThroughtheMist.v3B&NEcho through the Mist

Taken Series book 2

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Can Adriane handle Stein’s connection to her past and the truth of his motivations?

As Alec and Adriane investigate the reason his father’s old organized crime competitor returned to the city, Adriane eventually realizes Alec is hiding something from her. Will his continued secrecy threaten their relationship? Will the truth of Stein’s motivations rip Adriane away from Alec?

What readers have said…

“The story pulls you in so deep and fast, you cannot put it down. I thought my reader was going to start smoking, how quickly I was swiping through the pages.” ~Christine Lee, NerdGirlOfficial.com


Taken Series prequel

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Alec Kaden is the son of organized crime. But that’s not what causes him to be cold, and anger to crawl up his spine. He trusts his father’s judgment—his mother’s death in childbirth was his fault. Only one person can calm the monster inside him, but he will not allow her to know him, to see through him and find the darkness lurking behind his detachment. Will he forever remain her invisible protector?


Forever the Storm

Taken Series book 3, the finale

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A part of me saw her as a delicate beauty that needed protecting. But she wasn’t a flower that gets torn apart in a storm; she was the storm.

Before it’s over, someone will die.

Attacks are coming from all sides: arrests, sabotage, picketing, even being framed for murder. Who is the invisible force behind it all?

And what secrets has Joe Bishop been keeping about both Adriane’s and Alec’s pasts?


Endless as the Rain (book 1) excerpt

I was good at quiet. If I walked quietly, if I moved without anyone noticing, if I was just background, silent as the clouds, I could catch a glimpse of beauty. Some places were touched with tiny flashes of the sublime. You just had to pay attention. That wasn’t always so easy.

My favorite lane was the strongest of these touched places. On my way home from a late day at the end of tax season, the gravel crunched under my feet and a breeze bounced among the trunks to lift my hair from my back and play with it.

The crunch was louder, from more than just my feet.

I looked around to see a black sedan creeping up behind me. I moved to get out of the way, barely on the gravel. The car continued at the same careful pace.

Just as the passenger door was at my arm’s length, the car stopped. I guessed the driver must be seeking directions, and waited for a window to roll down. They had to be lost. I’d never seen an unfamiliar car on this road. It was only used or even known about by old residents of the neighborhood.

The back door opened, and a man stepped out.

I caught a glimpse of his tailored suit and overly straight posture as I glanced around, deciding if I should keep walking, walk quickly…or bolt into the trees toward one of the houses.

“It’s getting late,” he said. “Would you care for a ride home before it gets too dark?”

His voice—it sounded vaguely familiar.

I stepped back and started to turn and run.

He lurched forward and grabbed my arm just above my elbow. His grip was oddly gentle.

I tried to pull away, and opened my mouth to scream.

“Please,” he said.

I paused to look at him.

“Don’t make a sound.” He said it like a request.

I didn’t understand.

He pulled me toward the open car door.

With all my strength, I yanked at my arm with zero success. His grip didn’t hurt. He allowed a slight amount of movement—just enough to make sure my arm wasn’t bruised by my own struggling.

I pulled at my arm again and demanded, “Let me go.”


I balled my hand into a fist and shifted to swing it at his face. Before I could make contact, he scooped me up in one swift movement and set me in the car. “Stop! Let me go!”

The man sat, and I slid away from him and pulled at the other door handle. Locked.

“What’re you doing?” I yelled.

“Jammed?” he asked the driver.

The man in the front looked down at something on the seat next to him. “Yes, sir.”

The man next to me slammed the door shut. “Drive.”

The car backed down the lane, away from my street, and then spit gravel as it turned onto the main road.

“You have the wrong person. I don’t have any money.”

The man next to me said nothing.

“What do you want?” I demanded.

Jaw still tight, the man next to me said, “To protect you.”


I came at him, ready to attack.

He grabbed my wrists, still somehow gentle. “Please, Adriane.”