Fight Princess final cover artFight Princess  

A high society princess fights in an underground ring. While struggling to solve a murder, before she becomes the next culprit, she learns to accept love. For more information, click here.

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A young woman falls for a man about to enter the priesthood, and each one’s life changes.  He is her first and also her Once. For more information, click here.

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KindlingthePast600x800 cover art FINALKindling the Past

Kindle’s visions of the past threaten to destroy her and the people she loves. For more information, click here.

Available for pre-order from LiquidSilverBooks. To be released April 28th.

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Coming Soon!

Strong as Death

A teenager finds that her father is a 19th-century gentleman ghost. (Also coming soon: the sequel, Awaken from Death.) From Jupiter Gardens Press.

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Endless as the Rain

A young woman is kidnapped by the son of a mobster. He says her life is in danger, but she must uncover his past to learn the real danger. Coming soon from Wild Child Publishing.

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